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  • “Your body is my canvas”

Your body is my Canvas

One of Noosa's best kept secrets has been revealed. 

A Noosa Beauty Therapist has found a way to deliver super smooth hair free skin without pain.

IMPORTANT: Open on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day by appointment

The beautyrooms clientele ranges from teenagers to mature women.  Being a mature woman and mother, Susan attracts varying age groups to her salon for these very reasons.  When choosing a beauty salon for waxing it is very important to find a Beauty Therapist or Beauty Salon that you are comfortable in and establishes the right vibe, ambience and qualified professionalism.

Some beauty salons and their staff tend to take short cuts.  At the beautyrooms, Susan refuses to use any anything but the best products and to deliver the very best in standards of service during the time you are in her Salon.  This service is not only popular with women...

Over the last few years Susan has introduced the Metrosexual menu of treatments for the man, she has seen a great number of men turning to Brazilian waxing.  Just like women, men also like the clean feeling of hair removal to look and feel good.

YouR Noosa Grooming Menu:

Download a copy of our pdf menu here for a basic precis of some of the services that we can give you in our lovely Noosa Beauty Rooms... "Noosa Beauty Rooms" pdf menu.

This site is currently being improved to assist you, our valued clients further...

We are endeavouring to supply you with as much information as possible to assist you in understanding our services and what we offer our clients.  We appreciate your interest and if the particular therapy that you are interested in is not fully complete as yet, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you further.

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“Your body is my canvas”