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Our Makeup Artist, Toni Crabtree, is a qualified professional who goes above and beyond to give you the look you have always dreamed of.  Toni has an eye for detail, and more importantly, a true awareness of what it is that makes each woman beautiful.  She will enhance your particular features to bring forth your individual appeal, so you simply radiate your own distinctive beauty.

Specialising in the ever more popular and highly sought after Airbrush Application Technique, Toni uses a range of high quality makeup, such as the totally Vegan and Cruelty-Free OCC range, which gives spectacular coverage and is also never tested on animals (so important to many of us).  Additionally you can choose from the Latonas range, which is used extensively on Television and in the News Media, or silicon based ranges which mimic the naturally translucent qualities of skin.  Airbrush application not only gives a flawless finish, but is also known for longevity of wear and comfort on your skin.  When applied properly Airbrush Makeup feels as though you are wearing no makeup at all.

You can also choose from a range of traditionally applied foundations such as the pure mineral Jane Iredale Range, so good for sensitive skins, or Atalier Professional, a high-coverage silky formulation.

Being in her 40s now, Toni is experienced with clients of all ages.  Those with more mature skin can achieve a freshly glowing and revitalised look, whilst younger ladies love the edgy techniques from the fashion pages.  Whether your passion is to be softly pretty, sleek and sophisticated, fresh faced and dewy, or coolly elegant, you can have the look you desire.

Toni works within our Salon, and she is also Mobile, travelling to you in the comfort of your own home.

Also offered is personalised training in how to apply your own makeup yourself to enable you to look fantastic every day.

You will learn makeup tips and tricks:

  • how to achieve a thick, luscious eyelash line on both top and bottom lids (even if you have hardly any eyelashes!)
  • smooth glowing skin
  • fuller lips
  • sparkling eyes
  • Learn the no-nos of concealing.  One-on-one training or group training with your friends are both available, and you will truly have a wonderful time, learning in a supportive, warm and fun-filled environment.

Hi, I'm Toni, and it's my passion to enhance your own personal beauty to convey beautiful skin, beautiful eyes, a beautiful smile and to bring them together to give you a stunning and feminine face.  Im in my 40s now, so I have a personal acquaintance with lines, pouching, pigmentation and how to hide them all. I can hide them on you to make you look years younger. 

I specialise in Natural Beauty for all ages, and especially in makeup for women in their  40s, 50s 60s and onwards.

You will find me easy-going and approachable and Ill make you feel right at home.

Women of all ages can enjoy being beautiful

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“Your body is my canvas”